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Lab Director

Stuart J. Williams, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Louisville

Curriculum Vitae [December 2016]

200 Sackett Hall
Louisville, KY 40292
Twitter: @ULmicrofluidics
YouTube: ULmicrofluidics

Graduate Students

Ben King (Ph.D. Candidate, ME)

Topic: Nucleation and growth of spontaneously aligned regions in carbon nanotube thin films

Expertise: Digital image processing, custom analytical software (various programs), AFM expertise, SEM imaging, carbon nanotube processing and applications, electric curtain theory

  • Awarded travel grant to attend ASGSR 2016

Md Mahmudur "Rony" Rahman (Ph.D. Candidate, ME)

Topic: Colloid science, nanoparticle haloing, and microfluidics in microgravity

Expertise: Microfluidic imaging, digital microfluidics, geometrical optics

  • Awarded NSF Innovation Corps grant

Mohamed "Mido" Zakarya Alsaid Ali Rashed (Ph.D. Candidate, EE)

Topic: Isomotive dielectrophoresis (isoDEP): fabrication and analysis

Expertise: Microfabrication (clean room experience), microfluidics, electrokinetics

  • Awarded NSF Innovation Corps grant

Daniel Allen (M.Eng., ME)

Topics: Acoustic microfluidics, isomotive dielectrophoresis (isoDEP), air-based electrokinetics

Expertise: Microscale electrokinetics (experimentalist)

  • Selected as Speed School Banner Bearer (Outstanding Student)
  • Awarded NASA Kentucky Space Grant Consortium, Graduate Fellowship

Potential graduate students (masters and Ph.D. level), contact Dr. Williams if you are interested in conducting research in his laboratory. For those of you interested in pursuing a Ph.D., several unversity fellowships are available.


Undergraduate Students

Kevin "KC" Grome (BE)

Topics: Isomotive dielectrophoresis (isoDEP)

Expertise: Microfluidic pumping & valving, particle image velocimetry & particle tracking velocimetry

Lauren Lawson (ChE)

Topics: Colloid stability and interactions

Expertise: Air quality monitoring, dry bed processing

Bailey Woods (ChE)

Topics: Colloid stability and interactions

Expertise: Chemically-oriented experiments

Dr. Williams is always looking for motivated undergraduate researchers! Contact Dr. Williams if you are intersted in conducting research in his laboratory.



Ph.D. Researchers

  • Vanessa Velasco, Ph.D., "A microfabricated platform for impedance analysis and characterization of adherent cells," Fall 2015.
    • Awarded Southern Regional Education Board State Doctoral Fellowship (Fall 2010)
    • Selected to attend the NanoBiophotonics Summer School, Urbana, Illinois (Summer 2011)
    • Six-month internship with Dr. Utkan Demirci at Harvard/MIT (Fall 2013)
    • Awarded travel grant to attend 2014 AIChE Annual Meeting
    • Received Carl Storm Underrepresented Minority Fellowship for support in the participation of the 2014 Physics & Chemistry of Microfluidics GRC
    • Honorable Mention, AES Poster Session, AIChE 2016

Masters Researchers

  • Matthew Okruch, M.Sci. (GE) "Development of an Ergun-type equation to predict pressure drop through radial flow water filters", December 2016
  • Lazaro Galban, M.Sci. (GE) "Experimental hydraulic switch for dishwashers with a bottle blaster system," August 2014.
  • Mark J. Gruenthal, M.Eng., "Impedance analysis of endothelial cells undergoing orbital shear," Spring 2013.
  • Joseph "Nick" Duff, M.Eng., "Fabrication and analysis of an electrokinetic air filter," Summer 2013.
  • Nicholas R. Wood, M.Eng., "Dielectrophoretic nanoneedles for trapping and characterization of sub-cellular entities," Spring 2012.
  • Andrew H. Work, Jr., M.Eng., "Electrokinetic concentration and patterning of colloids with a scanning laser," Summer 2012.
    • Selected for University of Louisville Doctoral Fellowship (Spring 2012)

Undergraduate Researchers

  • Grason Gasser (NSF REU student from Georgia Tech), research on insulative-based isomotice dielectrophoresis, Summer 2017.
  • Kevin "KC" Grome, Co-op student working on automated microfluidic pumping/valving mechanisms, Summer 2017.
  • David Bergman, "Self assembly of colloids for enhanced solar cells", 2016-2017.
  • Robert Accolla (NSF REU student from Virginia Tech), research on insulative-based isomotive dielectrophoresis, Summer 2016.
    • First Place, 2016 ASME IMECE NSF REU Student Poster Competition (Track 19-2)
    • 2016 ASME Track 19 NSF Student Poster Competition travel award (Fall 2016)
  • Esther Zusstone, "Label-free electrokinetic immunoassay analysis of magnetic particles", Spring 2014
  • Andrew Survant, electrokinetic hydrodynamic methods, 2013.
  • Samuel Wills, Conducted numerical simulations using COMSOL 4.3 studying electrokinetics and electrohydrodynamics of nanoneedles, Fall 2013.
  • Shawn Day, "Development of an optoelectrowetting platform at the University of Louisville," Spring 2011.

High School Students

  • Chandni Bhikha, "Microfluidic mixing in microgravity environments," Manual High School, 2013-2014.
  • Kainat Ahmed, "Enhancing micro-channel structure of contactless dielectrophoresis device for more efficient separation of particles," Manual High School, 2013.